26 Ores, slag and ash

Sub Chapter
2603 Copper ores and concentrates.

Sub Heading
260300 Copper ores and concentrates.

26030010 --- Copper ores



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
GEN (ГЕТ)General Customs Duty (Гаалийн ердийн татвар)Import10NMB01-01-202031-12-9999
JPT (ЯХТ)Japan Preferential Tariff (Японы хөнгөлөлттэй тариф)Import0NMB01-01-202031-12-9999
MFN (НТН)Most Favoured Nation (Нэн тааламжитай нөхцөл)Import5NMB01-01-202031-12-9999



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Product NameProduct FamilyProduct technical nameBrand nameCommentsFile
Oyu tolgoi open pitCopper ProductsOyu tolgoi open pit


Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Customs clearance approval to goods processing for domestic consumption Permit Requirement Customs General Administration Customs clearance procedure of processing goods for domestic consumption shall be used for declaration of goods reflected in Article 87 of the Law on Customs. If customs approve the declaration, customs inspector stamps "Approved by customs of Mongolia". The Resolution A/40 of the Chairman of the Customs and Taxation General Administration approved this customs clearance procedure by its Annex 2 based on Article 79.7 of Law on Customs. Keep in mind: - Trader should use 561-592 customs codes under declaration for “Customs clearance procedure of processing goods for domestic consumption”. So please find detailed information from Resolution A/40 of 2016. Customs clearance procedures for import of goods 31-12-2050


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Customs clearance procedure of goods for processing for domestic consumption This customs clearance procedure is approved by Annex 2 of the Resolution A/40 of Chairman of Customs and Taxation General Administration and goods reflected in Article 87 of Law on Customs shall be declared to the Customs of Mongolia according to this pr Import View