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HscodeProduct NameProduct FamilyProduct Technical NameBrand NameCommentsFile
25292120Bor-undurFluorspar concentratesBor-undur
25292230Mongol-CzekhmetalFluorspar concentratesMongol-Czekhmetal
26011110BayngolIron concentratesBayngol
26011120BargiltIron concentratesBargilt
72011000Erdenet repair plant Iron and Iron ConcentratesErdenet repair plant
72031000Darkhan MPIron and Iron ConcentratesDarkhan MP
27090020Dachin, ZuunbayanCrude oilDachin, Zuunbayan
57011000Altnabuleg khivsCarpets and KalimsAltnabuleg khivs
22086050APU, Chingis and BolorMongolian vodkaAPU, Chingis and Bolor
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