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Renewal of the License to use Animal Genetic Resources This is the procedure to renew the License to use Animal Genetic Resources
Procedure for obtaining an license to engage business activity in the Field of Health, 2013An applicant needs a license to establish an organization to engage in professional activities in the field of health.
Customs clearance regime of international transit goodsForeign transit goods which are transporting through the customs territory from the consignor abroad to the consignee abroad shall be declared under this regime. This regime is approved by Annex 1 of the Resolution #679 of Chairman of Customs General Admi
Customs clearance procedure for domestic transit of goodsThis procedure regulates the relations related to the selection of the mode, placement of goods in the mode, preparation of documents and termination of the procedure.
Customs clearance procedure for electricity crossing the border of MongoliaThis procedure is approved by the Resolution #A/80 of Chairman of Customs General Administration of 2016 and it applies to electricity importing from abroad.
Inspection procedure for transiting the Animals, Plants, Raw materials and Products at the State BorderQuarantine inspections of animals, plants and their raw materials and products at the state border shall be carried out by State Professional Inspection Agency
Customs clearance procedures for special goods Customs clearance procedure for importation of goods such as scientific and technical achievements, land-forms, other cartographic materials, research, analysis, geology, nature, zoology, paleontologist finds and all other types of samples and specimens
Procedure for import of goods related to intellectual property rights across the customs border The holder of intellectual property rights may register the goods related to his / her rights in the customs registry and enter them in the customs database. This procedure was approved by Joint order No.298/41 of Customs General Administration and Admi
Procedure for international postal items crossing the customs borderThe Customs shall perform customs control and clearance of parcels in an expedited manner based on the risk assessment system. The Customs shall inspect and shipment from abroad in the presence of an employee of the organization operating in the Customs
Confirmation guaranteed products and services supply to the Mongolia Market and border introduction procedure, A/291Business entities, organizations and individuals engaged in production, trade and services shall be subject to this regulation when supplying products and services (hereinafter referred to as “products”) to the Mongolian market and importing them acro
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