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Special Permit for Export of Plants, Their Raw Materials and Non-timber Forest ProductsPermission to export plants, their raw materials and non-timber forest products abroad shall be issued by the state central administrative body.
General procedure for customs control of goods and means of transport exporting across the customs border This procedure was approved by Order No. A/275 of 2019 of the Chairman of the Customs General Department and it regulates following procedures on: - Taking goods and means of transport under customs control transported by rail, road and airway; - Custom
Special Permit Procedure for Export of Explosives and Explosive DevicesCitizens and legal entities wishing to export explosives and explosive devices from Mongolia to foreign countries must obtain a special permit to export.
Veterinary Certificate for exporting Livestock [Training]This procedure explains how to get a veterinary certificate from the General Authority of Veterinary Services.
Transit of Toxic Chemicals And Hazardous SubstancesEstablish and regulate requirements and legal norms for issuing permits and requirements for transboundary transit of toxic and hazardous chemicals to citizens, business entities and organizations
Procedure for transit of hazardous wasteThe purpose of this regulation is to establish and regulate the requirements for issuing permits for transportation, collection, storage, recycling, destruction and export of hazardous waste to business entities and organizations, and the legal norms for
Special Permit for Railway Transport Service The special permit granting process for the railway transportation activities in the territory of Mongolia.
License for exporting and importing military equipmentsAmmunition, machinery and equipment originally manufactured for military use and used by the armed forces, other military, police, intelligence, judicial enforcement, anti-corruption, forensic organizations and the Law Enforcement University to perform th
Procedure for granting and extending export and import licenses for goods introduced under state controlAs per the Government Resolution No. 219 of 2002, this is the procedure to obtain the Export And Import Licenses For Goods Introduced Under State Control
Licensing Procedure for an engaging activity to Use Animal Genetic Resources Citizens and legal entities engaged in any Business activities relating to usage of animal genetic resources must submit a request to the state central administrative body in charge of livestock genetic resources
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