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TitleImport license of veterinary medicine and medical Equipment
DescriptionThis form applies to the procedure related to importation of Veterinary Medicine and Medical Equipment
CategoryTrade in Goods
Issued ByGeneral Authority for Veterinary Services
Created Date03-06-2020
Updated Date17-12-2020
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This form is used in the following procedures/s
Procedure NameSummaryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Procedure for granting import license for Veterinary medicine and medical equipment, A/212As per the Order on approval of procedure for granting Veterinary License , this procedure explains what to do to get the international veterinary license for importing veterinary medicine and medical equipment from any other countries to Mongolia . View
License for importing a animal feed additivesThis procedure explains the issuance of the license for animal feed additives.View
Exemption from tax on veterinary drugs and medical devices supplied with aid and donations, 2015 А/138Goods received as humanitarian and grant aid in accordance with an agreement concluded with a foreign government or international organization shall be exempt from Customs and value-added tax in accordance with the Law on Customs Tariff, Customs Duty and View