Legal Document

Title: Law on Animals, 2012/ Revised version/
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: General Authority for Veterinary Services
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Issuing Date: 17-05-2012


      May 17, 2012     Ulaanbaatar City         


  LAW ON ANIMALS / Revised version/









Article 1. Purpose of the Law

            1.1 The purpose of this law is to regulate relations concerning for the protection, breeding and  use of animal resources.

Article 2. Legislation on fauna

            2.2 Legislation on fauna shall consist of the Constitution of Mongolia, the Law on Environmental Protection, this law and other legislative acts enacted in conformity with them.

Article 3. Scope of the law

            3.1. This law shall regulate relations concerning for the protection, breeding and rational use of resources other than livestock and domestic animals.

Article 36. Export and import of animals

            36.1 The Government shall issue a permit for the export of a very rare animal live abroad in accordance with an international treaty to which Mongolia is a party.

            36.2. The State Central Administrative Body shall approve the procedure for exporting live samples of animals other than those specified in 36.1 of this Law, as well as samples of raw materials and research work of animal origin abroad.

            36.3 The procedure for importing animals from abroad shall be approved by the State Central Administrative Body.

            36.4. It is prohibited to reintroduce and breed foreign animals without the permission of the state central administrative body.

            36.5 The procedure for the use of aliens shall be approved by the Government member in charge of nature and environment.

Article 37. Compensation for damage caused to animal resources

             37.3. An animal that has not received the certificate specified in 25.3 of this Law and a person who has collected, sold, purchased or attempted to export raw materials of their origin shall be treated as if the species was hunted or caught and compensated.


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