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Procedure NameProcedure for obtaining an license to engage business activity in the Field of Health, 2013



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The legal base of the Procedure

Law on Health, 2011 Article No 19

Order No. 145 of the Minister of Health of 2013




Required Project Documents 

No. Type of Information Note

The Project Proposal;

should include the rationale and needs for the establishment of the organization, the advantages, efficiency, quality, and professional capacity indicators of the existing organizations


Introduction to the capacity of the health organization;

design of buildings and structures that meet the requirements of the relevant standards for the type of activity, description of the workforce, and technology and equipment to be used


A three-year financial statement;

That should estimate the number of clients, the number of clients per health worker, the cost of services, the number of payments, the selling price of the product, and the budget forecast until the organization begins operations and continues to operate at full capacity

Required Documents to obtain a Health Special Permit


Type of information



Application for a license

Documents necessary

for the application


Copy of state registration certificate


Copy of company charter;

Shall include the name, official address, and type of activity of the organization.


Introduction of the organization

5 Founder's decision
6 Information about the founder will be provided in accordance with Table №1 of HF Order No. 145 of 2013
7 Charter of medical institution

The information of the health worker shall be provided in accordance with Table №2 specified in HF Order No. 145, and in the case of foreign medical professionals, in accordance with Table №3;

9 Internal labor regulations
10 Copies of licenses for medical professionals
11 Employees' civil service application form / must be completed on Form 1
12 A written and concluded employment contract with the employee
13 Certified Employee job descriptions
14 A copy of the contract with the Department of Special Medical Waste, Disinfection and Equipment Maintenance
15 External and internal diagrams; location, structure, and operation
16 The capacity of medical equipment shall be calculated in accordance with Table №4 of HF Order 145
19 Other documents specified in the law depending on the specifics of the production and service If Applicable


Process Steps


Prepare a “Project Proposal” in accordance with the priorities of the health sector

The draft shall be written in accordance with Order No. 298 of the Minister of Health of 2014 and Order No. 145 of the Minister of Health of 2013.

Step3 At the first stage meeting of the Licensing Commission, the project shall be discussed and a decision shall be made to appoint experts to the organization that meets the needs and requirements
Step4 Once the decision is made, conditions shall be created for job preparation and obtaining a license


Applicant Submit the Application with required Documents

In accordance with Order No. 145 of the Minister of Health of 2013 “Requirements for documents to be obtained for obtaining a business license in the field of health”, the documents shall be prepared and submitted to the Secretariat of the Licensing Commission in electronic and paper form.


Documents submitted by the applicant shall be evaluated 

Step7 Issue the Health License



The following factors shall be taken into account in the project needs to establish an organization to engage in professional activities in the field of health of the license applicant:

A) Health needs and requirements of the population:

  • Is it in line with the priorities of the state central administrative body in charge of health?
  • Compare the project with similar health facilities operating in the area and their use (workload);
  • Number of population covered;
  • Reaching out to the poor and vulnerable. it

B) Financial and economic factors:

  • Project financing;
  • Influence of project cost on client fees;
  • Is it reflected in national and local health policies and strategies?

C) Contribution to care and services:

  • Introduce the best management and professional practices;
  • Introduce advanced evidence-based techniques and technologies;
  • Introduce international standards, clinical guidelines and production technologies;
  • Human resource specialization;
  • Impact of competition in the health sector.


The following form/s are used in this procedure
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This Form applies to the procedure related to obtain Special permit for business activities in the field of health Requirements 30-07-202018-08-2020Ministry of HealthThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Requirements for obtaining a business Special Permit in the field of health, 2013 Order No 145 Permit RequirementMinistry of HealthAn applicant need to Obtain a Special Permit to establish an organization to engage in professional activities in the field of health.An official letter requesting a Special Permit shall be signed and stamped by an authorized official, 2 copies of the documents specified in the law shall be made and the original shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the Licensing CommissionApproval of procedures "Requirements for the documents required to obtain a license to engage in professional activities in the field of health" 201331-12-9999Good