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Procedure NameRegistration Procedure for importing an Organic Food



Responsible Agency       

Name: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry

Address: Government Building IXb,

Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar 13381,

Enkhtaivnii avenue 16a,



Phone: +(976) 11 261908

Fax: +(976) 11 452554

Legal base of the Procedure

Procedure For Registration Of Organic Food And Publication For Public Use

Production and export of organic food



Processing Time Within 7 working days

Required Documents


Type of information


1 Application


A copy of the valid certification certificate issued for the organic food by the certification body accredited by the competent authority of the exporting country and a member organization of the international accreditation body, and its certified translation

Documents necessary for the application


Product drawings that fully show the signs, markings, notices and registration numbers indicating that they are organic


Introduction of organic food importer


Introduction of imported organic food and quantity to be imported


Translation of packaging label information into Mongolian

Process Steps

Step 1

The Applicant submits the application with all required documents ellectronically to the database

Step 2

The Ministry of food, agrilculture and light industry reviews the application 

Step 3

If application meets the requirements, it shall register the imported organic food and assign a number

Step 4 The organic food importer shall place the registration number recieved at the bottom of the label indicating that the product is organic on the packaging label.
Step 5 Release the product for public consumption


1. The database shall be configured to inform the Ministry, specialized inspection agency, certification body and organic food importer 45 days prior to the expiration date of the registration of imported organic food

2. The importer shall update the information using the registration number within 30 days after receiving the above notification

3. The Ministry shall review the updated information and make a decision to extend or cancel the validity of the registration of imported organic food

4.The letters of the registration number indicate the origin and condition of the product as follows;

FOF - Foreign organic food = Foreign or imported organic food



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
This application form applies to the procedure to import and registration of Organic Food 16-08-202019-08-2020Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light IndustryThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Registration requirement for importing organic food, 2018Registration RequirementMinistry of Food, Agriculture, Light IndustryA business entity wishing to import organic food shall submit an application for registration of imported organic food electronically to the Organic food registration databaseThe organic food importer shall place the registration number received at the bottom of the label indicating that the product is organic on the packaging label.On Approval of Procedure/Registration of Importing an Organic Food And Publication For Public Use/, 2018 А/18031-12-9999Good