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TitleSpecial permit application form to export and import for Strategic Food, 2019 A/329
DescriptionThis Form applies to the procedure related to Export and Import Permit procedure for Strategic Food, 2019 A/329
CategoryTrade in Goods
Issued ByMinistry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Created Date19-08-2020
Updated Date17-10-2020
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This form is used in the following procedures/s
Procedure NameSummaryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Export and Import procedures for Food legal entities engaged in any business activities relating to Food must fulfill the following requirementsView
Strategic food permits of export and import company selection procedureInfluence of strategic food types and quantities to be exported and imported in a given year, total national strategic food reserves, agricultural and food production volume, demand, supply, price fluctuations, food supply of other countries,etc..View